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Terms and Conditions

1. All arrangements and purchases are between buyer and the Livestock Auction.

2. Cattle USA is not responsible for misrepresentation or poor communication between buyer and livestock auction.

3. All bids are a binding contract between buyer and Livestock Auction.

4. If you have not made arrangements to pay for your purchase DO NOT BID!  All arrangements are made directly between the buyer and the individual auction barn.

5. Transportation of livestock is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

6. Tie bids yield to the buyer present at the Livestock Auction.

7. The Livestock Auction/Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any Internet bid for any reason.

8. Just because you bid, that does not mean the auctioneer took your bid, the auctioneer should acknowledge your bid verbally if your bid is excepted. 

9. Internet Buyers are watching a delayed feed and may be at a disadvantage to buyers on the seats, your feed may be running behind the auctioneer.

10. Mobile devices and wireless devices are subject to the speed of the network you are using.  We have found them to be delayed when watching a sale.  We do not recommend bidding from mobile and wireless devices. 

11. Remember, buyers at the physical auction have the benefit of seeing, smelling, and experiencing the auction in person.  They may be able to notice qualities about the cattle that you can not see on an Internet feed.  You can hire a professional buyer at the auction to help you asses quality, health, and condition.  We consider this money well spent.  You may not be able to asses these traits as well as buyers at the physical auction.  If an animal looks too cheap, there is usually a reason why.  

12.  You agree to hold CattleUSA and all auctions on CattleUSA harmless for misrepresentation, misunderstanding, equipment failure, any and all issues that may come from using the CattleUSA service.  You acknowledge that we are trying to provide a professional high quality service, but problems do occur.  CattleUSA and the actions broadcasting on CattleUSA do not except responsibility for any issues arising from the use of our service.  You are using the CattleUSA website and service at your own risk. 

13. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions please leave our site.  Only those that agree to the terms and conditions are allowed to use the site.


Enjoy the auction!

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